What is TwitalBundle?

TwitalBundle is a Symfony2 bundle that integrates the Twital template engine into Synfony2. This enables you to use all Twig/Symfony2 functionalities with the Twital template engine language syntax.

To learn more about Twital, you can read the dedicated documentation.


There are two recommended ways to install TwitalBundle via Composer:

  • using the composer require command:
composer require 'goetas/twital-bundle:*'
  • adding the dependency to your composer.json file:
"require": {
    "goetas/twital-bundle": "*",

Enable the bundle

To enable the bundle in the kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Goetas\TwitalBundle\GoetasTwitalBundle(),


In order to make it work, you have to enable the twital template engine inside your config.yml.

        engines: ['twig', 'twital']

#optional configurations used for file extension matching
        - { service: twital.source_adapter.xml, pattern: ['/\.xml\.twital$/', '/\.atom\.twital$/'] }
        - { service: twital.source_adapter.html, pattern: ['/\.html\.twital$/', '/\.htm\.twital$/'] }
        - { service: twital.source_adapter.xhtml, pattern: ['/\.xhtml\.twital$/'] }


TwitalBundle comes with all features that are already supported by TwigBundle (forms, translations, assetic, routing, etc).


This is an open source project - contributions are welcome. If your are interested, you can contribute to documentation, source code, test suite or anything else!

To start contributing right now, go to https://github.com/goetas/twital-bundle and fork it!

You can read some tips to improve your contributing experience looking into https://github.com/goetas/twital-bundle/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md present inside the root directory of Twital GIT repository.



I’m sorry for the terrible english fluency used inside the documentation, I’m trying to improve it. Pull Requests are welcome.